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Latinos for a Secure Retirement


Social Security

Protecting Social Security: A Blueprint for Strengthening Social Security for All Americans

LSR coalition member The American G.I. Forum, Senators Mark Begich and Jon Tester, and eight other veterans' organizations released a report on the importance of Social Security for our veterans and military families

Policy Brief: The Chained CPI-U Brief

Latinos for a Secure Retirement In consultation with Social Security Works Released a policy brief on the chained CPI-U proposal and the devastating benefit cut for Latino Seniors

Jeff Cruz on "Race Rountable, The Fixers & Pete Peterson"

Pivot Point with Maya Rockeymoore

Jeff Cruz joined Maya Rockeymoore on her live public affairs radio show dedicated to aging issues and their intersection with politics, public policy, and popular culture. It seeks to democratize the “public square” by creating a multi-media platform that showcases diverse people and views that are truly reflective of our nation and world.

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