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Latinos for a Secure Retirement


Protecting Social Security: A Blueprint for Strengthening Social Security for All Americans

Our organizations represent the more than 50 million Latinos in the United States, nearly one out of every six Americans, and the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. While Latinos in the U.S. have a diverse range of backgrounds and characteristics, we share a strong cultural value of La Familia. These family values of caring for your parents, spouses and children are exemplified by Social Security.

Social Security is a vital safety net that protects American families. Children are protected in the event they are orphaned or their parents become disabled. Workers are protected if they can no longer work because of disability and parents and grandparents are protected when they become too old to continue working. Social Security is a sacred trust between generations and represents our Latino family values.

We are very concerned about some of the false misperceptions being perpetuated about Social Security. Social Security has not contributed to our deficit problem and is not in any crisis. It is fully funded through 2037 and will still be able to pay out about 76% of promised benefits after this date even if no changes to the program are made. With moderate tweaks to raise additional revenue, as in our Protecting Social Security plan, Social Security can continue to provide peace of mind for Latinos and all Americans for another 75 years and beyond.

Our hope is that this report will assist our elected leaders, their staffs, and the general public to better understand the importance of Social Security and work with us to further strengthen its finances without cutting benefits or increasing the retirement age.

We would like to thank the numerous people who generously took time to consult and assist us in developing this plan.

With warm regards,

Brent Wilkes
Executive Director, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

Hector Sanchez
Executive Director, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA)

Dr. Yanira Cruz
President & CEO, National Hispanic Council on Aging

Dr.Carmen Lacayo
President & CEO, National Association of Hispanic Elderly

Suleika Cabrera Drinane
President & CEO, Institute for the Puerto Rican / Hispanic Elderly, Inc

Lillian Rodriguez Lopez
President, Hispanic Federation

Alma Morales Riojas
President, MANA, A National Latino Organization

Ignacio Salazar
President & CEO, SER - Jobs for Progress National, Inc

Albert Gonzales
US National Commander, The American GI Forum


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